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At Magnusson Petfood we oven bake all our dog food. We do so because it is a slow process which is gentle on the materials and best preserves the natural properties of the raw ingredients.

Furthermore, most dogs think cooked dog food tastes very good indeed. This is in spite of our not adding any flavour-enhancers, nor do we spray the food with fat, which is very common in the industry. If you put your hand in a bag of extruded dog food, you will find your fingers get quite greasy. This is not the case if you put your hand in a Magnusson bag.

To describe the difference between oven-cooked and extruded dog food, it is comparable with the difference between meatballs and quenelles. Meatballs are fried in a pan or cooked in the oven, whilst a quenelle is a meatball that has been boiled. Most people probably think meatballs taste better than quenelles. In the same way most dogs think oven cooked dog food tastes very good.

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Puppy is aviable for sale. 

Our puppies have a new house: Hobby Maryden Code to Success «Tsesar» owner Margarita Verulidze (Estonia)

Hobby Maryden Sharm Cute «Кayleigh» owner Therese Mannfelt Woolly Wonder's (Sweden)


Puppies was born, 2 orange gerls, 1 orange boy. More information here.


The puppy is available for reservation. More information here


Today 4 puppies were born in our Kennel: 2 boys and 2 girls. Available for reservation. More information here.


We are glad to share with you photos of our new puppy. He was born on 12th of January 2013 and is almost ready to find his new house. You cam find all information here and to order puppies by calling or messaging us.


You are welcome on our new website! We are glad to introduce you our kennel.

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